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Rental Terms and Conditions in Greece


  • Rental period


The minimum duration of rental is 24 hours, with an allowable delay limit of 1 hour. Longer delays are charged as an extra day.


  • Driver’s age and driving license


The minimum age limit is 23 years and the maximum is 70 years old.


The driving license, the credit card and the passport or identity card may be asked by the driver when picking up the car. All above must bear the driver’s name.


  • Driver’s license


The driving license of the driver must have been issued at least one year prior to rental. The driver must hold either a license issued by a European Union country or an International Driving License. The International Driving License must be obligatorily accompanied by the driving license of the car driver’s origin country.


  • Additional driver


If the car is used by more than one driver, there is an extra charge of €5 per day, with a maximum charge of €40 plus VAT per rental contract, per driver.


  • Car pick-up and drop-off


-Pick-up and drop-off at the offices of Airport Rent a Car and at the Airport of Thessaloniki are free of charge.


-Pick-up and drop-off in other locations of Thessaloniki are charged €20 + VAT.


-Pick-up and drop-off further than 40km from the offices of Airport Rent a Car are charged €0.50/km + VAT.


-Drop-off out of the working hours of Airport Rent a Car (i.e. from 21:01 until 07:59) is charged €25 + VAT.


  • Coverage and Liability Sum


Coverage to Third Parties


What’s covered?


It covers third parties in case of death or body injuries, including passengers of a vehicle of Airport Rent a Car (except the car’s driver) up to the amount of €1,000.00, as well as material damages to third parties up to the amount of €1,000.00.


What’s not covered?


  • Total or partial theft of the vehicle.
  • Theft of personal belongings from upon or inside the vehicle of Airport Rent a Car
  • Death or injury to the driver of the vehicle of Airport Rent a Car
  • Damage to the vehicle of Airport Rent a Car




Cost is included in the price.


Collision Damage Waiver (C..D.W.)


The renter can limit his responsibility for his legal share in any damage o the vehicle a) to €600 plus VAT by paying daily the amount of  €5  for car groups A, B and C. b) to €1000 plus VAT by paying daily  the amount of  € 5  for car groups D, E, G, MINI VAN, AUTOMATIC, CONVERTIBLE.  c) to €1500 plus VAT by paying daily  the amount of  €18  for car group CONVERTIBLE MERCEDES BENZ.


Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.)


The renter may waive the above deductible amount reliability of €600 or €1000 or €1500 by paying daily the amount of  €5 for car groups A, B, C,  for car groups D, E, G , AUTOMATIC, CONVERTIBLE by paying daily the amount of  € 10 (incudes TAXES), for group CONVERTIBLE MERCEDES BENZ by paying daily the amount of €20 (incudes TAXES).



If the renter accepts (and signs) the relative contract terms, he disposes of the responsibility for the theft of the car by paying the additional daily charge of:
€5 for car groups A, B, C, C1 (includes TAXES) .
€8 for car groups D, D1, E, G , AUTOMATIC, CONVERTIBLE (includes TAXES) . 
€14 for car groups CONVERTIBLE MERCEDES BENZ (includes TAXES) . 


    No insurance coverage is valid:


    • during the boat transport of the vehicle
    • if it is found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • for damages caused from driving on non-asphalted roads
    • for damages at the lower part, rims, caps on wheels, tyres, mirrors, antenna, crystals and interior of the vehicle
    • for loss of personal belongings from inside the vehicle
    • for accidents caused by a driver non declared in the rental contract
    • for loss or destruction of the car key
    • for loss or destruction of the GPS devices, child seats, snow chains or other additional equipment


    The costs of a car loss or damage are paid even if the renter has an insurance cover by his credit card or a third insurance company. In this case, the renter is obliged to pay the Airport Rent a Car all the expenses for the car repair or replacement, which he shall claim later from his credit card or another insurance body.




    • Quarantee


    To rent a vehicle it is necessary to have a credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express), even if payment is made in cash. Airport Rent a Car will commit the liability sum until the end of rental.


    • Additional benefits


    Child seats, snow chains and GPS  systems are available, upon request, with an extra charge per day €5  (includes TAXES) . They should be mentioned in the reservation.


    • Fuel policy


    Fuel is calculated into eights. The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the pick-up. Otherwise, there is an extra charge of €12 plus the cost of the wasted fuel. No money is refunded or offset for extra fuel in the reservoir.


    • Boat transport


    It is declared at the pick-up of the vehicle. Written permit is required by the Airport Rent a Car with an extra cost of €20 per route.


    • Restrictions


    Driving outside the Greek borders is prohibited, as well as driving on dirt roads, transferring heavy objects and, generally, the misuse of the vehicle. There are charges of up to €98 for the special cleaning required for vehicles dropped-off with very dirty interior (e.g. stains from food, coffee etc.) suggesting bad use.


    • Management costs


    In case of an accident there is a non-refundable charge of €62.00.


    • Traffic Offences


    The renter takes over full responsibility for any traffic offences and is obliged to pay up any debts to the competent authorities. Otherwise, he is charged the fine for the offence plus the amount referred to as “Management costs”.


    • Payment methods


    The rent can be paid with a credit, debit or prepaid card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners), in cash or via bank deposit at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the rental.


    An advance equal to 15% of the total rental price is required to complete the reservation.


    Regardless of the payment method, a credit or a debit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) is required for guarantee reasons. Airport Rent a Car will commit the liability sum for damage until the end of the rental.


    For each contract a service provision receipt is issued upon return of the car.


    • Cancellation of reservation


    If the reservation is cancelled up to 15 days the latest prior to the pick-up date, the whole advance amount is returned. For cancellations within 15 days prior to the pick-up date, the advance amount is not returnable.


    • Contract


    At the pick-up of the vehicle from Airport Rent a Car the corresponding rental contract is signed, including the above terms and conditions.